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Fri, May 12 6:52am · Mother's Day Stories

We all have them. Those funny, frustrating, poignant Mother’s Day stories. I want to hear them. Here’s mine!

I was a young mother with two kids. We were a military family and I got the rare treat of being invited (with my family) to the Officer’s Club for Mother’s Day brunch. I wore my nicest dress because I never got to go anywhere so fancy! We were just getting seated when my son, Sean (3) stood up on his chair (they hadn’t brought his booster seat yet). I told him “Sit down before you fall.” Just like that he fell. He put his front teeth right through his lip, my pretty dress was ruined, and we got to spend the day in the emergency room instead. Sigh! We still laugh about it now and every year I tell him he owes me brunch.

Tell me your story! Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day all!

Fri, May 5 10:23am · Best of Phoenix - Weekend Getaways in New Employee Connections

This is definitely on my bucket list. It sounds amazing!

Thu, May 4 12:29pm · Best of Phoenix - Weekend Getaways

Here’s a shout out to Mayo employees in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and beyond. Share your favorite get-away place, or where you recommend out-of-towners go when they ask for your advice. Arizona is a beautiful state and activities and hot spots abound for those seeking to enjoy all that you have to offer. If you are new to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, share what your interests and activities are. Chances are, someone familiar to the area has got you covered!

Thu, May 4 11:59am · Best of Jacksonville - Local Restaurants

Greetings to Mayo employees and their families in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Please share your favorite restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, etc. that new employees and their families can enjoy in the Jacksonville area. If you are new to the Jacksonville area, tell us what you like to eat. There may be someone who will know exactly where you can satisfy your craving for the food you love!

Thu, May 4 11:55am · Best of Rochester - Young Family Spots

This is a call to Mayo employees in the Rochester and surrounding areas. If you know of great areas, restaurants, and activities that are family-friendly, please share! For those of you that are new to Rochester, tell us what you are looking for. Someone may know of a resource you’ll love!

Fri, Mar 17 7:26am · What are you reading? in Just Want to Talk

I also enjoy audio books. Currently, I’m listening to Outlander, with Davina Porter as the narrator. She is excellent and makes for a very pleasant read!

Wed, Mar 15 2:05pm · Ireland in Travel

You have hit upon one of my bucket list items, but unfortunately I haven’t been there yet. I have been told that Ireland is spectacular in Spring!

Wed, Mar 15 1:31pm · To All Who Have Questions about Mayo and Surrounding communities

Whether you are brand new to Mayo Clinic, or just always wondered about something, or maybe you have some great tidbits to share for anyone just getting to know the area, you are most welcome here. I am Barb Rechtzigel, and I work in Employee Learning and Development. In addition to offering employee training and self-improvement classes, I also coordinate Mayo Clinic Orientation sessions for those joining us in Rochester and in the greater SE Minnesota area. This group is designed to help anyone who has questions about Mayo Clinic in particular and Rochester in general. We are here to help!

Feel free to introduce yourself and let’s get the conversation started!