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Sat, Jul 15 5:15pm · Best of Rochester - Young Family Spots in New Employee Connections

Summer of Service is excellent as well – two weeks of community service organized by the Rochester’s rec department (I think). There are 4 sessions during the summer. My daughter will get 60 hours of community service credit, and she has a place to hang during the day when I’m at work. So far she’s weeded gardens, made a meal, packed food, helped with a move, and did something with puppies/cats (not sure on that one).

Sat, Jul 15 5:11pm · Best of Rochester - Young Family Spots in New Employee Connections

For dancers in Rochester…. My 13 year old daughter is taking classes at Allegro (by the Costco). They seem like really caring and service focused people. So far, the classes (ballet and contemporary) are challenging (in a good way – they are teaching, not just telling). Janet Lang was the other options, but they closed their Rochester location.

Sat, Jul 15 5:05pm · Seattle/Vancouver in Travel

Was in Seattle (my home town) visiting family in May. Adding the “local flavor” – Ballard Locks (yes, the salmon jump the fish ladder), Discovery Park (a park/beach in Magnolia), Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room on Capital Hill (not the crowded Pike Place market original), Theo Chocolate Factory Tour (ton of samples – in the Fremont district which is funky by itself), Top Pot Doughnuts (all over, local favorite), and University of Washington campus (its a closed campus – can’t drive, but a terrific walk!). If you are there on a Saturday, go to the Ballard street fair – very local…

Sat, Jul 15 4:59pm · Black Hills/Mt Rushmore in Summer 2017 in Travel

Excellent South Dakota trip with all your suggestions. We did pretty much everything folks suggested. Highlights for us were 1) Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary (700 wild horses), 2) Custer National Park (buffalo “jam”), 3) Devil’s Tower (before I like Close Encounter of the Third Kind; 4) Mt. Rushmore (can you name the 4 presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt); 5) Crazy Horse (but what a funding mess!); 6) Bear Country (had to be a hundred bears…. but separating the cubs in from their moms in the “zoo area” was sad); 8) Mammoth Site (a sinkhole!); 9) Wall Drug (but so touristy); 10) Deadwood “street arrest” (it was raining so we missed the trial) and 11) Badlands (this would had made it higher on the list, but we were just exhausted by the time we got there!). Let me know if you want details of any of these. Definitely a worthwhile family trip!

Sat, Jul 15 4:49pm · What restaurants do I need to know about? in Foodies

Order zPizza (downtown Rochester) a few nights ago – it was TERRIFIC. Many tasty choices – we did 1/2 Provence (vegetarian) and 1/2 Mexican (chicken plus). They deliver for $3, but have a $25 minimum (thus, an order of parmesan breadsticks!) We joined their loyalty club on their web site (promises good deals – we’ll see!).

Sat, Jul 15 4:42pm · What restaurants do I need to know about? in Foodies

ZZest fans??? FYI – the café (south of Apache Mall) is closing in September. We went last night with vegetarian friends… ordered terrific cauliflower, avocado toast, mushroom pizza.. Hurry if you want to experience them before they close 🙁

Sat, Jun 17 11:38am · Black Hills/Mt Rushmore in Summer 2017 in Travel

Everyone’s suggestions are excellent! So the family leaves next Saturday morning with first stop Hot Springs SD to go to the wild horse sanctuary that was highly recommended. My 13 year old daughter is a huge foodie…. any other local spots not to miss along the way (basically anywhere rochester to rapid city – then turn south to keystone and hot Springs). I’ll give everyone the low down post trip.

Fri, May 5 10:15am · Best of Phoenix - Weekend Getaways in New Employee Connections

Last November my family had the best weekend north of Phoenix… drove through Sedoma and took a quick hike (didn’t really feel the vortex though), a hour at the Meteor Crater site, then Grand Canyon (we took the train, very fun, amazing views). Two days, jammed packed, but excellent!