Looking for a room in Rochester, MN

Posted by bp93 @bp93, Aug 13, 2020

Hi everyone, I will be joining Mayo clinic as a research trainee from September. I am looking for a room at walking distance in Rochester downtown. I would appreciate it if anyone has a room for rent or knows any place good. Thank you so much. Looking forward to living in Rochester. 🙂

There is a apartment complex called Parker, walking distance from Downtown.
This is their email id. You can contact them directly regarding availability. One of my colleagues used to stay there.


@sidag Thank you so much for your suggestion! I appreciate it. I will definitely look into the place you mentioned.


Are you looking for a roommate? Are you a female? If so please text 8479872079


If you are still interested in sharing a room, please contact me at 91-9542339444.
Thank you.

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