Renting out our home in Rochester

Posted by Andreas @theandi, Mar 15, 2019

Hi all,

… and to some of you: Happy match day – congratulations.

we are renting out our home that served us well during my wife's residency and fellowship.
Walking distance from everything.
1 mile or less …

– to downtown Mayo Campus and general downtown area
– to St Mary's
– to Apache Mall
– to "Aldi" (discount grocery)
– public playground nearby
– public golf, swimming pool in less than 3 minutes walk
– fenced backyard
– 2 car garage

Please contact me first before contacting our rental agent.
Great floor plan downstairs, bedrooms upstairs are typical for historic houses.
New appliances.

Ideally with a longer rental perspective.

If you are new to Rochester, yes, that area of town is a bit more expensive, but if you are working a very busy schedule, those extra minutes you save every day to be close to everything really can make a difference.
Great neighborhood.

Kind regards,

Hi, my name is Sharna Wilson. I am moving to the area to start a position April 22. I am from Kansas City but leaving town tomorrow. I know it is short notice, but s it possible to see the house before leaving town tomorrow? We are looking for short term, which may not be ideal for you, but I would appreciate the consideration if possible. Thank you!


Hi my name is Sierra. Could you call me for details about the price?

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