Rochester area hiking/nature walks. Suggestions?

Posted by Kaylah Berndt @frommiwith, Jan 24, 2020

I'm new to the Rochester (MN) area and like hiking/walking in nature. Short walks and longer hikes both. What are some good hiking/walking trails in the area? I know of Quarry Hill and that's about it.

Anyone have recommendations for evening walks and/or weekend hikes? Or even x-country ski trails for this fantastic snow?

This weekend is Winterfest in Pine Island, I have attached their flyer!

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2020 Winter Fest Schedule FINAL (2020-Winter-Fest-Schedule-FINAL.pdf)


In Rochester, you have the Douglas Trail that is on the NW side of town. Runs from Rochester to Pine Island. I have snow shoed on it and have seen plenty cross country ski along there too. There is some beautiful cross country/hiking trails on the SE side of town off of hwy 14 near the college too. Quarry hill is nice to walk around too. Oxbow park in Byron has some really nice walking/hiking trails. If you are open to traveling a little (less than an hour drive), I recommend exploring Whitewater State Park, Forrestville State Park, Keller Wildlife Management, and Rock Dell. Have fun exploring!

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