Shuttle Help

Posted by Anne @asaleem, Jan 21, 2019

Hello all, I'm a new Mayo Clinic hire and new to Rochester. There's a Park and Ride Lot near me on 2nd St SW (by the fire station). To my knowledge, this shuttle stops at West Guggenheim Lot. Does anyone know where the shuttle that goes BACK to that Park and Ride Lot on 2nd St SW is on the Mayo Campus? Even the name of a building the shuttle stop is near would greatly help. I don't want to get stuck at Mayo in the snow and have to Uber back to my Park and Ride. Thanks in advance!

Hello! If you are referring to the West Shuttle Lot right next to the fire station on West 2nd Street, it picks up and drops you off at the Guggenheim building. Just make sure you are on the East side of the lot because that is the downtown side. I ride this bus every day and it is fantastic!

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