Student housing bedrooms.

Posted by Best Lodging by Dave @homedaddy, Jun 24, 2019

I have bedrooms available for incoming Mayo students in Rochester. The house is located on a quiet street within walking distance from Mayo Clinic. Rent is $600-700 per month including utilities. Respond in private message with your email address to request additional information and photos.

I currently have a bedroom available for a female renter to share an apartment with one other female.
Two more bedrooms will be available for rent beginning mid to late august to share an apartment that has three bedrooms. The house is located on a quiet street close to downtown Rochester– within walking distance of Mayo Clinic.


Hey, Looking for room/ roommate to share near downtown campus.
Starting as research fellow from 12 August at Mayo


Hi I'm interested in the room. I'm a new research fellow at Mayo, male… would you please let me know if it is still available?

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