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3 days ago · Let's talk books: Professional Development in Just Want to Talk

I keep it here at work, so stop by if you want to take a quick read. It’s actually an excellent book that you can share with your kids for an early lesson on accountability and stepping up.

4 days ago · Fish Frys in Rochester

With Lent quickly approaching, we tend to hear the question, “Who has good fish?” I have had fried fish at several places in Rochester and an finding that Culver’s tends to have some of the best fried fish. They offer Atlantic Cod fish dinners and sandwiches year-round and it’s perfectly paired with an awesome tarter sauce that many people use for more than just the fish. During this time of year, they also offer Walleye on their menu, but I, personally, still prefer the Atlantic Cod. I think Whistle Binkies would be my 2nd choice. Pappy’s Place isn’t bad either.

4 days ago · Best of Rochester - Young Family Spots in New Employee Connections

Have kids looking for Cheer? Minnesota Xtreme is located in Rochester and is a fantastic gym to check out if your daughter or son is looking to continue or explore the exciting world of competitive and/or performance cheer! They have a number of teams for various ages and skill levels starting as young as 3 years old. They also offer flexibility and tumbling classes as well which also complement the cheer programs. They provide a strong team environment with experienced and caring owners and coaching staff as well as a cheer-family atmosphere!

4 days ago · Volunteerism - Where is your passion? in Just Want to Talk

HDI is the professional association for the IT service and support industry. It’s mission is to elevate the customer experience through the development of the technical support industry. In addition to professional training and certifications of best-practices, they hold local and national meetings, events and conferences throughout the year. There are 60+ local chapters across the US and Canada and I have been involved with the Minnesota Local Chapter since 2012 as a Local Chapter Officer (LCO). LCO’s are completely volunteer positions and we host local chapter meetings which fosters:

Connecting with others and growing our network of industry peers and resources.
Learning from each other to enhance our leadership skills and overall knowledge of the IT service and support industry with the goal of becoming more successful in our own careers and learning how to develop, engage and motivate our staff to maximize the CX.
Inspiring others with our personal stories of what being involved with HDI has done for our careers, and our personal growth and our teams.

My involvement allows me to bring back what other companies are doing and how we can use those to help improve our people, processes and technologies. I have learned so many valuable leadership skills from the speakers at the events and conferences. I apply these leadership skills in my daily work here at Mayo of leading and building my team to be able to create the best CX for our customers. I have built a network of industry peers and leaders from across the US–many which have also turned into life-lasting friendships. As the professional networking evolves into friendships, we learn from each other how to become better people and, when applicable, better parents and spouses. My involvement in volunteering in HDI has changed my life bother professionally and personally.

4 days ago · Let's talk books: Professional Development in Just Want to Talk

Here’s another that I’ve read:

Title: The Dog Poop Initiative
Author: Kirk Weisler
You can literally read this book in 10-15 minutes. Although short and quick to read, it sends a huge message to the ever-popular mindset of “it’s not my job” or “someone else will do it”. This is a great story that all leaders can learn from share with their teams.

4 days ago · Let's talk books: Professional Development in Just Want to Talk

I am NOT a reader by any means, but one of my leadership goals for this year is to start reading. Here’s my first read of the year:

Title: Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
Author: Disney Institute with Theodore Kinni
I chose this because my family are Disney fans and one of my passions is Customer Experience (CX)–which is also a huge part of my job. For me, Disney has always fascinated my at how well and consistently they provide such an awesome Guest Experience. I was reading online about the Disney Institute, which provides training on this topic. This book is based a lot from what the program teaches and how Disney “does it”. So far, it all makes sense as to what, how and why they do what they do and why they are so successful at it. Looking forward to finishing this one and ordering the next called, “Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney”.

4 days ago · Employee Experience in Just Want to Talk

I completely agree with Kate. In the IT service and support industry, one of the big things now is Customer Experience (CX) and it’s all about how we are making the customer “feel”. It’s more than just fixing the technical issue, but it’s also making sure that the customer feels better after the interaction than before they contacted support. So, Employee Experience would be the same and, like Kate said, it’s based on the interactions we have with each other as employees. Because, where I work, our customers are internal Mayo staff, we should be aware of both CX and EX.