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1 day ago · Well-Being Class: Work-Life Integration for Parents

There is a class being offered that may be of interest to members of this discussion group: Work-Life Integration for Parents.

Here is the description: This 2-hour program explores parents’ strengths, helps identify support, and discover tools to navigate in and out of work. Tools will include reframing, support, strengths-finding, and time management.

If interested, go to My Learning to find dates/times it is offered. Search by this Course ID: 251101EMPL000118.

I am signed up for the March class and can't wait to get some tips!

1 day ago · Mayo Clinic among top 25 best U.S. employers for diversity

DandIGraphicMayo Clinic was No. 23 overall and No. 4 among health care providers in a ranking of best employers for diversity in America.

The list was compiled by Forbes, which worked with Statista, a statistics company. More than 30,000 U.S. employees were surveyed in August 2017 as part of the ranking process. Respondents were asked questions about diversity, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and disability

Read more at Forbes

We are continually working as an organization to promote diversity and inclusion. As new employees, it is the hope that you are seeing and promoting mutual respect in all aspects of your work. If inclined, share a story that demonstrates this in the comments below.

3 days ago · Teenager Bedtime Woes

Every night when we say it is bedtime, our 15 year old gets frustrated. We start hearing the following:

“My friends get to stay up later.”
“Why are you treating me like a baby?”
“I can’t believe you are making me go to bed. It is only 9:30.”

I know the importance of sleep for kids his age, for him in particular. Doing what I feel is right for him is causing us issues. I want what is best for him, and for our relationship. Any thoughts on how we can strike a balance?

4 days ago · Employee Experience in Just Want to Talk

Great article! Thanks for sharing, @thomasyung08

Science is a messy process that requires a permanent cycle of hypothesizing… It will be messy and fun to apply an iterative approach to the Employee Experience.

4 days ago · Sibling fighting in Surviving parenthood

@tamih70, I can relate! I have two boys. While they are 3 years apart in age, I totally see their love-hate relationship. While the love part is great, the hate part is difficult to deal with. I am no expert in how to handle this, but I will say the following:
*For the attention part – consider doing things with each of them alone so they feel like they have their special time with you and don’t have to compete for your attention.
*For the dislike of something the other is doing – we try to celebrate (whenever possible) the differences our boys demonstrate. Where they may not choose what the other is doing, we point out why it is meaningful to the other. I try to use it as a teachable moment.

Best of luck!

4 days ago · Let's talk books: Professional Development in Just Want to Talk

Thanks for sharing, @donaldsche! I think we all can learn a tremendous amount about CX from Disney. It is a special place and they have made sure our family loved it too!

Speaking of Disney, there have been some references/questions about Disney in our Travel group. You may want to share your expertise there as well. 🙂

4 days ago · Let's talk books: Professional Development in Just Want to Talk

This title cracks me up, @donaldsche! I have to check this out! Sounds like a great concept!

Fri, Feb 9 8:00am · The Mayo Effect

Consistently delivering an unparalleled patient experience has been a goal and differentiating factor for Mayo Clinic throughout its history and is emphasized in Mayo’s strategic plan. Every staff member plays a role:

  • whether you work directly in patient care or interact with guests and colleagues in other ways
  • whether you have been here one week or one yearMayoEffect

There is currently an employee challenge (through 02/28/2018) that invites employees, in 6 words or with an image, to describe how to deliver an unparalleled patient experience.

The simple instructions (including how to be compliant by not disclosing patient information) can be found in the Employee Challenges discussion group here. Be the newest member of the Mayo Clinic staff to participate.