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Are you taking advantage of the Preventive Care Services schedule?

By Robert McGriff, @m039153


Early detection is very often the key to disease treatment and management.  The Preventive Care Services schedule in the Mayo Medical Plan was designed to encourage everyone to seek appropriate preventive care.  The items on the schedule, at the age and frequency listed, are covered 100% at an in-network provider.  That means they are essentially free to you!

However, here's a quick word of advice:  if you and your provider are too proactive, you can end up paying a price.  Recently, a Mayo Clinic employee in Rochester received a notice from her primary care office that she was approaching a milestone birthday and reminding her that it would be a good time to schedule preventive care including a mammogram.  She called to schedule the exam and was lucky enough to get an appointment within a few weeks.  The problem?  She was still 14 days short of her birthday.  She was surprised to learn that a portion of the bill was applied to her deductible and her coinsurance amounts and she was responsible to pay.  To avoid getting caught in this situation, always make sure that you have passed the required age limit when the exam is performed.

Action Item:  Print our the Preventive Care Services schedule and carry it with you to your next primary care office visit to discuss with your provider.


Danielle DeMars

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Posted by @daniellek23, Wed, Sep 20 3:47pm

For us here at the health systems, we would have to go to Rochester for the BRCA risk assessment, counseling and genetic testing. Is Rochester considered a tier 1 or 2 provider?

Robert McGriff

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Posted by @m039153, Wed, Sep 20 4:22pm

Mayo Clinic providers are Tier 1 in-network providers in the Mayo Medical Plan.

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