Oct 4, 2017

It's just an eye exam, right?

By Robert McGriff, @m039153


The type of eye exam you have and the services provided during the exam can make a big difference in how the charges are covered by the benefit plans at Mayo Clinic.

A medical eye exam is generally covered by the Mayo Medical Plan.  A routine eye exam could be reimbursed by the Mayo Reimbursement Account (MRA) or your Vision Care Plan coverage.  Consider the following differences before making your appointment and make sure you give the office staff the correct coverage information so that claims can be processed quickly.



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Posted by @arabesq13, Oct 14, 2017

Is an exam for a diabetic patient considered medical or not? Thank you.

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Robert McGriff

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Posted by @m039153, Oct 16, 2017

I checked with a contact at the plan administrator. The answer is that a vision check for a diabetic would likely be covered by the medical plan (subject to deductible and co-insurance). Robert


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Posted by @alveena, Nov 14, 2017

Nice post, Thanks for sharing it with us. Its proves very helpful for me..thanks again.

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