Dec 11, 2017

Try not to get this song stuck in your head, we dare you!

By Robert McGriff, @m039153


It’s no secret that we love the Mayo Pension Plan! We promote its worth often with passion and conviction, reminding employees that Mayo Clinic is one of the few Fortune 500 companies that continue to offer a pension plan. It almost makes us want to sing out the virtues of this exceptional employee benefit.

Therefore, in the spirit of the holiday season, we share a humble jingle about the value of this premier employee benefit.

Sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”:

Dashing through the years

At a Mayo Clinic site

Nothing shall you fear

Mayo's on your side


Turning sixty-five

Retired now you are

Elect a paycheck for your life

With this you will go far


Pension plan, pension plan, pensions prevent strife

Oh what luck it is to have a paycheck throughout life

Pension plan, pension plan, pensions prevent strife

Oh what luck it is to have a paycheck throughout life


If there’s a composer in you, we would welcome your jingle about your favorite Mayo Clinic employee benefit!  You can enter it in the comments below or e-mail the Benefits Education Team at

Happy and Healthy Holidays to all!

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Tony Lehrman

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Posted by @lehrman, Dec 11, 2017

Love it!

Kristi Welhaven

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Posted by @kristinamwe, Dec 11, 2017

What a great holiday jingle!

Treasure Ransom

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Posted by @transom, Dec 11, 2017

This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing your talents with us, @m039153 and the entire Benefits Education team!

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Robert McGriff

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Posted by @m039153, Dec 11, 2017

Individual credit for this one goes to Virginia Olson. Thanks for reading!


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Posted by @bjs03, Dec 14, 2017

Fabulous jingle. I foresee a recording that can be played each year during the month of December!

Allison Conrad

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Posted by @acc02, Tue, Jan 16 8:12am

Just got a chance to catch up on a few things and sang the pension benefit jingle (to myself of course) and loved it! We sure have some employees who are very talented.


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Posted by @sgorder, Tue, Jan 16 8:14am

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at (507) 377-6774.
Have a good day!

Shelly Gorder  |  Documentation Services Workflow Supervisor

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