April showers bring May ..... Allergies!

May 18, 2018 | Robert McGriff | @m039153


Seasonal allergies (sometimes called Hay Fever) can be miserable!  The symptoms can include:

  • Runny nose and nasal congestion
  • Watery, itchy, red eyes (allergic conjunctivitis)
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat
  • Swollen, blue-colored skin under the eyes (allergic shiners)
  • Postnasal drip
  • Fatigue

Here are some important things to note if you think you are suffering from Hay Fever.

Be Informed:  Information is power!  Check out the latest information on www.MayoClinic.org to learn about causes and potentially serious complications of Hay Fever.

Seek Medical Advice:  When your symptoms go beyond tissues and antihistamines, you may want to see a provider.  A Primary Care provider is often the best place to start and the office visit is covered at 100% if you are enrolled in Mayo Premier or Mayo Select.  Additionally, you could choose to consult an Allergist-Immunologist.  The Mayo Medical Plan does not require a referral to see a specialist but you may be responsible for some of your deductible before the plan begins to pay 80%.

Treatment:  Prescription medications are often recommended for treatment of Hay Fever and of course those are covered by the Mayo Medical Plan.  However, did you know that the over-the-counter treatments that your provider orders may also be eligible for reimbursement.  If you participate in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account, you will want to learn more about how to use those dollars for over-the-counter medical expenses.  Contact Mayo Clinic Health Solutions for coverage guidance at 1-800-635-6671.

Rest:  Sometimes the best solution is just to stay in bed.  When you find that you are unable to come to work because of Hay Fever symptoms, a combination of Paid Time Off and Short Term Disability benefits can help make sure that you can still meet your financial obligations.  To learn more, visit HR Connect on the Mayo Clinic intranet or call them at 1-888-266-0440.

If you are suffering from Hay Fever, hang in there!  And remember, June is right around the corner.  Bring out the sunscreen!


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