Have you heard the latest?? Trust but verify before you react.

Mar 9, 2018 | Kristi Welhaven | @kristinamwe


Have you ever accidentally overheard someone talking crazy about changes to Mayo Clinic benefit plans? You wouldn’t believe the kinds of intricate and detailed rumors we hear on the benefits team. Take the example below as an example of a bad round of rumor-inducing "Telephone" game.


Maggie to Jack: Congratulations on your upcoming retirement.

Jack to Maggie: Thanks, but I’m disappointed my lump sum pension payment went down.

Maggie to Jack: That’s too bad! I sure wish Mayo would tell us when lump sums are going to decrease.

***next day at work***

Maggie to Amber: Did you hear Mayo is decreasing everyone’s lump sums this year?

Amber to Maggie: What! That’s not fair.

***next day at work***

Amber to Billy: I can’t believe Mayo is punishing everyone who retires after this month and is lowering lump sum pension payments by half. What is this world coming to?

Bill to Amber: Yikes! I better tell everyone I know to retire now or never!



Ok so that might be a slight exaggeration but nonetheless we want you to be cautious of these types of myths out there. Come to our next Benefits University presentation, "Benefits Myth Busters", to get some straight facts on things you may have heard recently.

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