What do 7,828 Mayo Clinic employees have in common?

Oct 24, 2017 | Robert McGriff | @m039153

They are married to a colleague.                                     spouses

When a Mayo Clinic employee is married to another Mayo Clinic employee, we call them "married-married".  At last count, there were almost 4,000 of these couples working at Mayo Clinic.  If you are in the group, you should understand how your marriage affects your benefits.

Medical Plan Enrollment

When two members of the family are both working in a benefit-eligible role at Mayo Clinic, the family members are dual-eligible for coverage in the Mayo Medical Plan.  But, the plan doesn't allow dual coverage.  You will need to choose whether you want to be covered under your own employment or your spouse's.  The plan will allow you to enroll in whatever coverage level you think is best (all of the family under one spouse, or some under each spouse) but generally speaking the best plan is to keep the whole family enrolled together under one spouse.

Dental Plan Enrollment

Different than the medical plan, the dental plans allow dual coverage when you have dual eligibility.  But the result can not be dual coverage in Delta Dental.  Here's some examples.

dental table

Life Insurance

Employees can enroll for Group Universal Life Coverage for themselves and their spouses.  However, a spouse who is already enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage through their own employment is considered ineligible for spouse coverage through their spouse.  (On a side note, the same is true for children.  They can only be covered under the Family Life Insurance of one parent.)

So, whether you have been married for decades or the sound of wedding bells is in your future, consider these factors before your enroll for benefits.  As always, the HR Connect Service Center staff are available  to help with questions at 1-888-266-0440.

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