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Nov 5, 2020

Being Resilient This Holiday Season

By nicoleblock, @nicolerawlings
It's a marathon, not a sprint
This time of the year brings about as much joy as it does stress. The typical busyness of life is coupled with shopping, cooking, spending more money, planning, and perhaps facing holidays for the first time without loved ones. You have approached this season before, but this year, it's different. Social distancing and virtual holiday gatherings are new territories for all of us.  Learn how to navigate through stress and unknowns.

Consider this a marathon and not a sprint. Slow, steady movements approximating the desired behaviors and thoughts over time. Along the way, expect the unexpected as life rarely goes as planned!  Allowing yourself flexibility in thinking and planning can go a long way towards fostering good health and well-being. 

The Biopsychosocial Model of Challenge and Threat states that appraising stressful situations as manageable, based on resources, minimizes the physiological and emotional response to stress and contributes to identifying the stressor as a challenge (typically associated with positive outcomes) versus threat (leading to avoidance and negative long term consequences).

If you can activate your resources and perceive yourself as ready to tackle the challenges, you will experience a more adaptive physical and emotional response to the stressors and potentially decrease over-focusing on the “threat” or negative aspects. These changes will allow you to prepare more robustly for the upcoming challenges.

What resources do you need to feel confident about facing the upcoming Fall/Winter season?

What do you want to be thinking about when you face the upcoming season(s)?

What would you like to remember about this season(s) after it is done?

If you knew this was your last Fall/Winter Season, what would you prioritize? 

How can you use this to focus your efforts?

What barriers to joy and happiness will you face during the upcoming months?

What options do you have for overcoming these barriers?

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