Mayo Clinic is here to support employee well-being with engaging activities through the COVID-19 season. Explore this website for opportunities to support your social well-being, engage your families and friends in safe activities, and thrive (not just survive) during this time.

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Virtual groups provide an opportunity for staff to connect, focus on their personal well-being, and share common interests. These connection groups are exclusively for Mayo Clinic employees.

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Well-Being Connection Groups

Virtual connection groups reduce isolation, improve well-being, and shape work unit culture.


virtual coffee chats Virtual Coffee Chats Virtual coffee chats are one way to give staff permission to intentionally ‘bump’ into colleagues, desktop problem-solve, generate innovative ideas, and get work done.


physician engagement group (PEGs) Physician Engagement Groups (PEGs) Physician Engagement Groups are designed to cultivate vital connections by encouraging colleagues to gather for a complimentary meal and conversation around their physician experience.

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Virtual book club Virtual Book Club If you’d like to lead or participate in a virtual book club, you can go to Search for a group or create a group.

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