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Spain and Portugal Recommendations

Posted by @madosch, Fri, May 5 11:35am

Hi All! I’m headed on a trans-Atlantic cruise… we start in Barcelona and then port in Malaga, Gibraltar, Lisbon, and Vigo before crossing the Atlantic. If anyone has been to any of those places, let me know your recommendations for sight-seeing and restaurants. Thanks!


Kathy Larson

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Posted by @m003742, Mon, May 8 12:26pm

Have a great time! Sounds wonderful, please share your experiences when you return. What cruise line are you taking?

Marie Dobson

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Posted by @medobson, Thu, Aug 10 12:44pm

Hi Maddie, I was just in Lisbon for a couple days. I’m assuming you already went on your cruise-I hope you had a blast!

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