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Anyone care to talk about brand or model?

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We have an "off" brand that I bought at Aldis before Christmas. It works great! The first thing I cooked in it was pork chops and I was amazed at how tender and juicy they were - they only time I usually find pork chops to be edible is in the crock pot smothered in sauce. So I felt this was huge! I'm excited to keep experimenting. I think they are worth the money if you normally pan fry or deep fry food.

The one I own is the "Power Air Fryer XL" 5.3 quart size. I am happy with this purchase so far.


Others have already mentioned this, but we have had a Cusinart for about a year and love it!! It is a convection oven and air fryer and everything comes out so good and it is much faster than an oven or the old toaster oven we used to have. I make toast/garlic bread, toast nuts, dry out apples for chips, cook hotdishes, meats, all things frozen (roasted vegetables, veggie burgers, chicken strips), chicken wings, etc. I hardly use my regular oven anymore unless making more than one thing. Highly recommend it!!!