Community Guidelines

Whether this is your first time participating in an online community or you're a social media user, these Community Guidelines offer rules of conduct that help keep the #WeAreMayoClinic community safe, supportive, inclusive, and respectful.

  1. Remain respectful at all times.
    • Exercise tolerance and respect toward other participants whose views may differ from your own. Disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is a must.
    • Realize that sarcasm and joking will often be misunderstood.
    • Personal attacks against members or health care providers are not acceptable. Such posts will be removed.
  2. Be polite.
    • Do not use obscene or hateful language. Profanity, vulgarity and abusive language are out-of-bounds.
    • Avoid typing in ALL CAPS, as it is considered shouting.
  3. No commercial postings, advertisements or solicitations.
    • Postings such as advertisements for your business, get-rich-quick schemes or solicitations for a charity will be removed. Mayo Clinic does not endorse and cannot verify the validity of any advertisements posted on this platform. It is impossible to verify the validity of each and every organization that solicits donations; therefore, to protect you from fraud, we must prohibit solicitations for charities.
  4. No illegal activity.
    • Do not to use #WeAreMayoClinic for any unlawful purpose.
  5. No copyrighted postings.
    • Do not post copyrighted information. Copyrighted material (text or images), private email text and other privileged information may not be posted without prior written permission from the original author.
    • Acknowledge the original source when quoting content from elsewhere.
  6. Protect yourself and others.
    • You are not required to use your full name or real name when posting.
    • Feel free to introduce and talk about yourself. But for your safety and privacy, do not post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other private information in posts or comments as it will then be visible to the public.
    • Do not post personal information of other people.
    • Keep your password confidential. Don’t share it with anyone.
  7. Be yourself.
    • Do not impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
  8. Follow the rules.
    • By posting to #WeAreMayoClinic, you agree to abide by our Terms of Use.
    • We agree to protect your privacy. See our Privacy Policy.
  9. Report misuse.
    • Report any offensive, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable postings to WeAreMayoClinic or by clicking the “Report” icon at the bottom of the abusive message.

If a member posts an error of fact or inappropriate content (as defined in the Terms of Use), the Community Management Team will review the post and use policy criteria to determine whether the posting should: 1. remain posted, 2. remain posted with editorial comment added, or 3. be removed permanently. The Community Director will contact the member directly and describe the action taken and provide justification.


All information shared by members on the #WeAreMayoClinic, such as messages, images, advice, URLs, and any other material, is for informational purposes only. The community is not responsible for connections made between members.