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Bank It or Plank It: Financial Bingo

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Jokes of the Sea
Q: Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank?
A: Because they’ll just wash up on shore later.

There are many free apps that offer coupons, discounts, or store rewards. What are your favorite apps and why?

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I shop a lot at Once Upon a Child to purchase almost all of my children's clothes and they have a rewards app called Fivestars. I save 50% or more off retail by buying gently used clothes/shoes/Halloween costumes and earn rewards that save me even more money on clothes!

I love RetailMeNot! It saves me a lot of time looking for specific coupons/discounts for places I shop. The Walmart shopping and grocery apps are super handy too! The Walmart shopping app allows me to save my receipt electronically which makes returns super easy. Plus, it automatically scans competitor ads for lower prices and gives me the difference. The grocery app saves a lot of time and allows me to track spending as I shop. Plus, I don't get sidetracked in the store and purchase items on a whim.

On vacations, I also like to check out Groupon to see if I can find better deals on excursions. In the past, I've actually contacted vendors, told them about the Groupon ad I saw, and they voluntarily gave me a lower price than what was offered on Groupon.

Expedia and PerkSpot are my favorites for finding better deals on travel and car rentals. I love to travel! Being able to save money allows us to do it more often. Getting a deal on items I would normally purchase just feels great too!