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Bank It or Plank It: Financial Bingo

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We save money by keeping a well stocked pantry at home. This (almost always) saves us from paying full price for a last minute need (think cake mix for a fund-raiser tomorrow, or ingredients for a new recipe I decide I need to try tonight)! We stock up on items when they are on sale (like the 10 cans of tomatoes that were advertised in this weekends paper) and when we have coupons.
We also use the store coupons and sale items to give to our local food pantry. We don't use much ketchup, canned spaghetti sauce or some other non-perishable items that the store offers in-store coupons for. But when items like this are on sale, I pick them up with the thought of giving. Buying smart only costs me a couple extra dollars each week, and gives our family a warm fuzzy feeling when we deliver a big box to the local food pantry.
**My best 'buy' for the food pantry was when a cart of dog and cat food was discounted due to the store no longer carrying that brand. I was able to buy boxes of cat food for $.50 and 7lb bags of dog food for $2.00. Expiration dates were well into the future, so I spent an extra $12 that day. Our local food pantry was so excited to receive pet food. They told us they can only buy 'people' food with their funds, but pet food is their #1 request from their customers.

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For our pets, we use Chewy.com and just get a delivery monthly. It's over their $ amount for free shipping and cost less than going to the store and delivered right to your doorstep. Love it and don't every run out.