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New Grad RN, New to MN

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Hey Liz! I'm a PCA in the CVSICU so we'll be getting to know each other over clean ups, turns, and baths lol. I'm switching to days from nights in August so I can get some camping in so maybe we can get some people from the floor out to the north shore or something sometime. I also try to take my dog hiking every day so you're more than welcome to tag along. We have a unit council that puts together social events, I've heard there are plans to go to Twins games, tubing, and I have a pontoon on the Mississippi that I've offered to take us out to the sand bars, so you'll definitely have opportunities to have fun when you get here!

As for the cold – layers are your friend, preheat your car, and buy a bunch of those disposable hand warmers and put them in your gloves before you leave. I also find that swearing a lot and muttering to yourself "why do I live here" is effective as well.

See you around!

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Hi Cody! Omg amazing!! So glad you reached out and to have connected with you before work! Yes I would love to do any of those activities with you, they all sound like a lot of fun!!! Thank you for the tips too!

Can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the unit in person! I’ll be in Rochester the second week of August. Thanks again for reaching out!!

This sounds fun! I love outdoor activities!! Id love to join if you have any plans 🙂