? about APRN dress code at FL campus

Posted by henry33 @henry33, Mar 3, 2019

Hi, starting next week as a mid-level APRN Jacksonville, FL campus…but a little confused about the dress code & scrub colors. I see that GYN mid-levels are supposed to wear black scrubs & that transplant mid-levels are supposed to wear evergreen scrubs, but colors for other types of mid-levels are not delineated on the guideline doc. Does anybody know what color scrubs would be safe for me to order as an ID mid-level so as not to break policy?
Also, any tips on which lot to park in/how often the shuttle buses come/stuff like that? Ty for any help!

For the most accurate details about the scrubs you should get, reach out to your hiring manager. They will be able to assure you are getting the correct scrubs based on your job role. Also, reach out to your recruiter for parking/shuttle details, as they will have the most definitive details for you.

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