Apartment Recommendations in Rochester

Posted by nashkramer @nashkramer, Jan 22, 2020

Hello! I am a new employee and I will be starting in February. I am currently looking for housing in Rochester and was wondering if there were any recommendations for nice apartment complexes in town. So far I have looked at Kascade Place, Flats on 4th, Nue 52, and Quarry Ridge. If anybody has lived at these places or has found other nice ones, let me know! Thank you!

I'm currently at The Boulders (waaay south) and it's really nice. On the pricier side, but not by much, and they've got a (free) shuttle from campus to downtown (I haven't used it, but I've seen the van go around), so you wouldn't need to drive, assuming you work downtown. There's also a park&ride for the Rochester Bus system at the Target across the street, so another non-driving option to get around.
I've also only been here for a few weeks, so it's entirely possible I just haven't seen the down sides of the place yet.

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