Posted by jesiviva @jesiviva, Apr 9, 2022

I recently joined Mayo and started working with Mayo February 2022.I am from Africa and where I schooled we were over populated and I couldn’t get the access to go for internships with the strikes on all that was going on.I had little experience with microscope.I have been humiliated openly and made a mockery of.I was demoted to work as a phlebotomist and my salary was slashed significantly. I have my Bsc and MSc.I have been thinking depressed and it is playing on my mental health.I have an option to transfer to a different branch.I need your suggestions please.Will you work as a phlebotomist or go to a different branch as a microbiologist?

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Hi Jesiviva, Your frustration is understandable. It sounds like you fell short of learning some skills through no fault of your own. What might you consider with gaining those skills required to do your original position?


Have you reached out or feel comfortable reaching out to Human Resources? The EAP program should also provide free counseling at no cost no matter your position.

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