Changing Jobs

Posted by Sarahbean @sarahbean, Oct 12, 2018

Anybody have any fun tips for the transition of three children and there mom starting a new job? They are 14,11,and 6. Thanks!

I had great luck with getting my kiddos involved with my job change. I spent 1:1 time with them to hear and understand any concerns the change might bring — and we did things that helped them be excited for my new job. With my teenager we went shopping for my new "first day" outfit. I engaged my 9 yr old twins to make new art for my office. One of my twins is an aspiring chef, so she got to pack my "first day" lunch. The role changed provided financial opportunity to plan for something extra in the budget, so I allowed them to decide whether it would be a new asset or a family vacation (ATVs it is ;o) ).

By the time my actual first day rolled around, the kids were almost as excited as I was. They even insisted on "first day" photos like I do for back-to-school.

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