Engagement for employees who work remotely

Posted by julikelly @julikelly, Oct 13, 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Juli Kelly and I'm the Health Promotion Coordinator for our Arizona Healthy Living Program! I'm so excited for this group because it will be an awesome way to connect and share ideas! So I've got a question for those of you who may have Champions in work groups that work remotely and/or from a computer all day long. What has worked well for you in terms of engaging those Champions and their co-workers in our well-being activities?

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One Champion from FL, did a recipe challenge with his remote colleagues that went over really well. He had his colleagues take a picture of a healthy lunch option that they made over their lunch break. Each participant sent him a picture of final product and the recipe and he made a work group recipe book out of all the healthy recipes. It was a great way to engage with his colleagues remotely! It was fun to see the recipes and how much fun their work group had participating in a healthy and fun activity!


What a great idea! Thank you for sharing Gretl!

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