Looking for a Furnished Apartment or House to rent

Posted by shenoy79 @shenoy79, Feb 4, 2019

Howdy, I am looking for a furnished apartment or house to rent near Mayo. I am moving from Texas to join the team at the end of March. Sometime this month I will come to Rochester to check out the city, house/apartment hunt, etc. When I move to Rochester I will have my truck but if I could walk or catch a shuttle/bus I would take that option since I hear parking can be tough in downtown. Or is parking pretty easy? Any suggestions?

A man named Stan

Hello Stan,

My name is Jeannine and I am starting a nurse residency program and also looking for somewhere to live by April 22nd. If you have found something, but need a roommate. I would be interested.



Hey Stan,
I'm looking at moving into a place near St. Marys Hospital, starting April 7th


hello Stan,
I'm moving to Rochester April 4th. Please let me know if you're looking for a roomate !

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