Looking for Accommodation in Rochester,- Female

Posted by sg24 @soumya24, Aug 12 11:40pm

I will be starting to work at Mayo Clinic (St Mary's Hospital) from 1st week of September. I am looking for a private room with female flat mates from 21st August. I would prefer a place which is walking distance from St Mary's Hospital. Any leads will be very helpful.

I am Atefeh, im also looking for a feamle rommate,
i will start my work at the mayoclinic on september 20, i would like to talk more about the situation?


@soumya24 Hi, I have a room available. But its more reasonable to drive (less than 10 min) to west parking lot than to walk.

If interested, here is a post I made earlier –> https://connect.employees.mayo.edu/discussion/looking-for-subleaser/



Do you have any room available for 1 female?

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