Looking for an apartment by mid july

Posted by Maddie Kennedy @maddiekennedy, Jun 23, 2020

Hi! I recently got hired as a research assistant in Dr. Shapiro's immunology lab, and I will begin on July 13th. I am looking for a roommate with a place either close to the mayo campus or close to a shuttle line. I am a tidy person, non-smoking, and am pet-friendly! If anyone has a place with an open spot, I'd love to check it out!

Hi Maddie! There are two bedrooms open in the townhome I live in. You'll only need to pay for the part of July you are staying and there's no security deposit. https://connect.employees.mayo.edu/discussion/420-bedroom-available-in-4br-townhome-with-healthcare-professionals/

It looks like Shapiro's lab does work on T cells, sounds like it will be a pretty cool job! I'm hoping to get into either the immunology or virology program after I graduate.


Hey Maddie, my roommate and I are looking for a third roomie for a house that's 1 mile from mayo clinic! If you are interested in this, feel free to personal message me on here and we can figure things out! I'm a RN at St Mary's hospital!

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