New to Mankato and need help.

Posted by aaab @aaab, Nov 18, 2018

I am in the final process of credentialing at Mankato, MN for ER NP. I love to do lots of exercise in the gym and outdoors but since winter is here, this will limit the outdoors. I am new to Mankato and realized there is no good gym. Does anyone know if Mayo clinic at Mankato have a gym for their employees?
I'm also struggling the decision if I should lease an apartment when I am still in the process with credentialing. Any advice or reassurance of these two points?
Little about me, I will be moving from Houston, TX with my partner. He's a flight attendant. We both are addicted to the gym and eating health. I love sarcasm and a good laughter. Always respectful and outgoing.

Sorry I didn't see this before. I had just replied to your most recent question, but yes! there is a small Gym onsite for employees at the Mankato Hopsital. The gym has the basics and is available for employees to use when Patient Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab classes are not in session. You can contact me at for more information and to request the online orientation when you start!


Hey dude, saw you were from Houston. I'm from Dallas, just took a job in Mankato!
I'm pretty sure they have a gym, I'm not sure how big it is from what their website says.

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