Parking at Jacksonville location, tips for new nurse

Posted by skopp89 @skopp89, Aug 2, 2018

Hello everyone! I am starting at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I know there are several parking lots for employees, and there is a shuttle. How much time would give yourself to get to work, park (availability of spaces), and get a shuttle to the hospital? Thanks!

Also, as a new nurse, I was wondering how early would you suggest to get to the floor to prepare before your actual shift starts?

Well, as I live in the Northside of Jacksonville, I like to give myself about an hour to get to work every morning ( commute, parking, and walking to the hospital). Thankfully, the traffic early in the morning is not bad at all, and I always find a parking spot in lot E2 when I get to work at about 6:15am. People who start after 7am typically have to park in lot E3, I've noticed.
As for the shuttles, they're supposed to come in 5 minute intervals, but I don't see them that often lol!
I find walking to be better, most of the times.

Lastly, I don't know about nursing, but in my area (at least) they want us to arrive at least 7 minutes before our scheduled start time, so that the night shift people can tell us what's going on.

Hope this helps, a bit!

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