Questions about relocation reimbursement

Posted by michaelb @michaelbullock08, May 19, 2020

Hey everyone! I will be starting at Mayo on July 20th, and I wanted to get ahead of the game with moving out to Minnesota from the east coast around June. I was under the impression that Mayo will reimburse for moving expenses, but I thought that also included buying new furniture. I know they help with moving trucks, but I am a new college grad and honestly don't own enough furniture for it to make sense using these services. Does Mayo give people the option to instead spend the money offered for moving trucks on furniture that I could buy out in Rochester, rather than buying stuff where I live and shipping it out? Thanks!

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The money is given to you in your check within about 6weeks. You don’t have to provide receipts or explain how you needed to use the money for relocation.

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