Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are we trying to accomplish with #WeAreMayoClinic?

A: To build communities and connections with other like-minded individuals


Q: Can I use #WeAreMayoClinic off campus?

A: Yes. #WeAreMayoClinic is available on a computer or mobile device outside of the firewall.


Q: Can I use #WeAreMayoClinic during work hours?

A: While it is a priority to complete your work, just like in-person water cooler/cubicle conversations take place, conversations in this virtual water cooler space can take place. At the end of the day, if you can say you worked with integrity, you didn’t abuse the tool.


Q: What’s the difference between a “group” and a “page”?
A: “Groups” focus on common personal interests and offer spaces for employees and others to interact. Group topics are endless – from books to travel to more specific hobbies – and more Groups can be added. “Pages” offer a unique solution for blog-type content that is useful beyond typical – and necessary – limitations of an intranet. Our general benefits information, for example, is information we share with candidates, employees’ dependents and retirees. Pages are generally backed by a department or division and support a strategic need.


Q: What is a moderator?
A: A moderator monitors the messages posted by community members to check for information that could be misleading or harmful. Moderators also watch for anyone abusing the conditions outlined in the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Moderators do not edit or remove messages or ban members without good reason. Each topic area has at least one moderator.


Q: Do I have to join #WeAreMayoClinic?

A: No, participation is optional.


Q: What is the difference between a public and private group?

A: In a public group, posts and their associated replies can be seen by all members of #WeAreMayoClinic, even if members are not following the group. In a private group, only members of the group can see posts and replies.


Q: If I access #WeAreMayoClinic from my smart phone, do I need to have AirWatch Installed?

A: No.


Q: How is #WeAreMayoClinic similar to and different from other online platforms Mayo Clinic uses?

A: #WeAreMayoClinic is an online community much like other sites people already use. It’s unique in both its purpose and technology. #WeAreMayoClinic connects those who have an interest in the talent behind Mayo Clinic. It is built on a platform Mayo Clinic owns and can adapt as the online community’s needs evolve.