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What are you reading?

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Where are the best places to find audio books?

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@janelsmith, the public library typically has an application that can allow you to access audiobooks free. I believe it is called Overdrive. I also have used an app on my devices called audible. You can get your first couple of audiobooks free, then use a membership to continue purchasing for a cost (which is much cheaper than buying from a bookstore, etc.)

I use Overdrive regularly, and I LOVE it! You will use your current library card number to sign in. I’ve been using it for years and always have an audiobook at my fingertips.

What a great tip Barb, thanks for sharing!!!

I’m an odd creature in that I have little desire to own books. I have some I will absolutely buy, but that is rare. Instead, for my pleasure reading, I’m content to check out books. Hence, the library choice makes the most sense for me.