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Amrita Prakaashana (@amrita)

Vegans & Aspiring Vegans at Mayo Unite!

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In Rochester, we went to Hu Hot (Apache Mall) for lunch. It’s a Mongolian grill restaurant where you create a bowl of noodles, veggies, proteins and sauces, and they cook it on a big grill. My vegan (for the month of January) daughter was thrilled. They provided a special colored bowl and they grilled her food, using two spatulas to “protect” her meal from others on the grill. And, many vegan options – rice noodles, all veggies, tofu. Most of the sauces were vegan as well. Service was great all well!

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Hi Cathy! I met my parents for lunch at Hu Hot in Rochester when I was in MN for the Plummer Project. Great place. I love making my own bowl with my choices of veggies, protein and sauces! I also went to a Mongolian grill restaurant in Denver with friends. I have a friend who is allergic to seafood and they are very protective for those customers, placing barriers and asking her about which sauces she used, etc. Would assume Hu Hot is similar in that regard as well! Service at Hu Hot was great, even over the busy lunch hour!