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Amanda Holloway (@amandab)

Could you go car-free for a day?

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I was hesitant to say I could do this today because I didn’t know if I’d be able to go all in. But, I decided it was okay to say what I am doing to go car free for the day.

1) I am telecommuting instead of driving my 50-mile commute
2) Instead of driving the kids to school this morning, they took the bus
3) We are carpooling to the football game this evening
4) I am holding on completing a couple of errands over lunch because I can do them Monday on my day off when I am out and about running other errands (another side benefit, I won’t pick something up on the fly to eat. Instead, I will enjoy leftovers). 🙂

Thanks for sharing this day with us, @amandab. It helped me be thoughtful in how I use my vehicle and I chose not to do extraneous trips today because of it!

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@transom – thanks so much for sharing your plan and your willingness to try going car-free for a day. I can totally relate to being reluctant to try something for fear that I won’t be able to do it completely or perfectly. What a good reminder to not let that stop us from trying some new or different! I’m so glad you decided to give a whirl and that it helped you be more thoughtful of how you use your vehicle.

I ended my car-free day with dinner out with my husband. Rather than jump in the car to head to one of our regular restaurants, we talked through which ones were within walking distance and chose one of those. I won’t lie, it was a hot walk but the additional benefits were that we had the opportunity to say hello to some neighbors along the way and didn’t have to worry about finding a parking space in the full lot.