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Teenager Bedtime Woes

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Thanks @sunnihemingsen for the tips. Yes, these teen years are difficult. And my younger son is approaching it quickly! YIKES!

We have tried to give him more liberties lately on bedtime, but one saving grace of Daylight Savings Time (even if for the short-term) was that he recognized how tired he was and has been choosing to go to bed early this week. 🙂 I am glad to see him recognizing his needs. Usually, it is his behavior that let's us know he hasn't been getting enough sleep.

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Bedtime is a tough issue in the teen years. Our kids are all grown now but we survived these trials four times over! At around 13, we stopped enforcing a bedtime for the most part. If they were up crazy late, we'd intervene, but as long as their grades were good and they were taking care of their responsibilities, we stopped telling them what time to go to bed. We did, however, make them go upstairs to their rooms by the time we went to bed, have the lights off, and if they turned their tv's on, they had to put the sleep timer on and not turn the tv back on after (they almost always fell asleep watching it). If they were tired the next day, that was on them but expectations didn't change because they were tired – so they learned to self regulate and we didn't end the day arguing with them 🙂