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Renni RP (@rennyrp)


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Here is a link you can start with @rennyrp. It is a link the school has provided for students that employees are finding valuable as well. https://www.mayo.edu/mayo-clinic-graduate-school-of-biomedical-sciences/campus-life/arizona/housing. Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction.

@sarahshtylla, @thamernik, @rjjensen11 – do you have any suggestions?

@andreacosta1988, you posted here back in April that you were looking for an apartment to rent – https://connect.employees.mayo.edu/discussion/home-apartment-hunting/?pg=1#comment-102000. Do you have any suggestions for @rennyrp?

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I'm sorry, I haven't rented in Phoenix in over 15 years. There are apartment complexes around the hospital, but I cannot speak to them if they are reasonable or how management is with tenants, etc. When I looked for apartments 24 years ago (when moving from MN to AZ), I used an apartment guide (yes, it was a large paperback BOOK!), which is pretty much apartments.com now. I would suggest using that or contacting a realtor that could give ins and outs of neighborhoods, etc. Sorry I am not more help!

Thank you so much @transom ! This is definitely going to be helpful.

Wow, it certainly was tougher back then @thamernik !
Thank you for the reply. I will check out the above mentioned site.