12 Habits for Well-Being: Be Fit for Life

Posted by Marianne Goettig @marianneg316, Jul 2, 2018

“Make physical activity fun again by incorporating it into your everyday activities. Engage family and friends to go for a walk or even play a game of Kick the Can.” -Chad Fritsche, Employee Well-Being Specialist
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I try to Be Fit for Life by getting social with my stroller! I meet my mom every weekday morning for a walk, she babysits my twins and it is the perfect way to drop them off. We chat or listen to music and just take some time to enjoy the outdoors with the boys. Plus it really calms them down the rest of day. My husband and I walk up to park every Friday night, round trip it is about 4 miles and it gives us a chance to reconnect and decompress from our work week. Saturday morning the neighborhood moms all walk to the coffee shop, our caravan of strollers is growing every week. But the kids all love to see each other and we get a chance to mingle.

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