3BR/2BA Quarry Ridge Apt

Posted by Elliott O'Melia @smelliott, Apr 20 4:26am

Currently live in a 3BR/2BA at Quarry Ridge apts, with 2 rooms becoming available this May ($550/month and $500/month). Looking like only 1 room will remain vacant by end of this week, but potential that 2-person inquiries could still be accepted. Located on top floor, with beautiful balcony view of Rochester and Cascade Lake. Looking for individuals interested in being signed on a lease until May 2022.

Hi! I’m interested in this. Could you text me at 6572425036? I had a couple of questions!


Are you still looking for someone? I start at Mayo on May 10 and am looking for a room. My number is (507) 210-5085.

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