Accessing Mylearning from home

Posted by mastiffs10 @mastiffs10, Apr 25 7:07pm

I have the authenticator as I have access to my email from home but cannot figure out how to get to mylearning. I was told i can work from home next week as I have a full load of modules to complete and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. The instructions I have say to use the "APP" on my computer and not a mobile device but where can I find the app to download? Thanks in advance.

Never mind, I called IT and finally figured it out. So for anyone trying to figure it out, all you need to do it go to your outlook email and click on the boxed dots top left corner and scroll down to the apps and the mylearning app is there. You do need the authenticator to access your email but once you can get to your email you got the rest.
Hope this helps someone!!!
Can also gain access to timecard to sign off!

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