Amber Caron

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Adopting a family for Christmas

Posted by @ambercaron, Dec 6, 2017

My family would like to adopt a family for Christmas, does anyone know where you can do this? Growing up our bank would have a tree you would pick an envelope off of and inside it would have the ages of the family members and gift ideas. I have not seen anything like that here. Any suggestions would be helpful


Kristy Thorson

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Posted by @kkt01, Dec 7, 2017

You can find a tree with items to purchase for people in Shopko. I believe you could contact Lutheran Social Services to adopt a family.

Sunni Hemingsen

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Posted by @sunnih, Dec 11, 2017

@ambercaron We have done this as a team for several years in Communications. It was through Lutheran Social Services, as Treasure mentioned. The gift drop off was last week, but I could get a contact name for you in case there are any outstanding needs.

In addition, your local school, preschool or church might be organizing something, such as collecting money for Toys for Tots or organizing hat/mittens/socks drives.

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