Posted by kc26 @kc26, Feb 13, 2020

Hi everyone, I will be looking for a dog friendly place to live starting June 1st in Rochester. I would like to stay below 800 if possible. something close to a dog park and/or with a fenced in backyard!! If any one knows of any place please let me know.
Thank in advance 🙂

I used to be in property management. At that price point, it's honestly going to be pretty challenging to stay under $800 unless you find a roommate or private rental. You can try Timberland Heights or Summit Square.. They are both on 41st street NW and are on the city bus route which works out well for many Mayo employees. There is a smaller, lesser known complex called Crown Apartments as well. I would steer away from the Gates. If you have more questions on anything, let me know and I'd be happy to help.


I would agree with @caseypruka. I currently live at Timberland Heights and our 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment runs us $860/month, plus electric and internet. So each month everything is about $1000. It's 640 square feet. I would love more space, but we simply cannot afford it right now. I will say that management is fantastic though! Very responsive to any questions/needs. We've had to utilize emergency maintenance twice and they're extremely quick at getting there. For regular maintenance, they are great about getting in and fixing things quickly too. Timberland is pet friendly, with some breed restrictions on dogs (I don't know them off the top of my head). If you consider Timberland Heights, please feel free to use my name, Sarah Kiehl, as a referral. I get a credit on rent for a month 🙂

I would stay away from the Gates as well. It's not safe there.

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