Bank It or Plank It 2019

Posted by Alayna Osborne @alaynaosborne, Sep 12, 2019

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Year after year, financial concerns are one of the leading causes of stress in America. It’s time to break the trend and discover your very own lost treasure.

During this 5-week challenge, you will be the captain of your own ship. Your efforts earn their weight in gold! Fill up your treasure chest by collecting as many gold coins as possible. Challenge yourself further by completing extra bonus activities! Explore the resources to increase your financial knowledge and discover easy ways to reduce spending, save more, pay off debt, and sail to financial well-being.

Before you know it, the “lost” treasure will be yours!

If you have a savings account (Roth IRA) or general CD certificates keep an eye on those interest rates. I have found most banks are in it for the money. They know people are creatures of habit and generally stick with one bank once they start. Thus if the bank decrease interest rates they have very little incentive to increase them when the economy recovers. Same is true with insurance companies, they slowly increase fees over time so shopping around is always best to keep both entities honest. Car insurance is tricky for one must make sure one is comparing apples to apples on coverage because there are so many variables.


I decided to put away two credit cards (dated yesterday) to see how much I really use them. If I haven't used them for 6 months, I will probably get rid of them. I often keep cards because I can get savings when I shop. Wondering if it's really worth it. Thoughts?

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I get several benefits from the 2 cards I own. I, also, use their data to track spending and what types of spending, so I don't have to keep track with other spreadsheets. They both have been helpful during this time, since I shop online and pay with the card to avoid too much germ exchange. Keeps up my credit rating too.

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