Boston in October

Posted by Sarah Kiehl @kiehlsa, Aug 7, 2019

Hello, a friend and I are going to Boston in October. We are planning a day trip to Salem already. There's so much to do in Boston, does anyone have recommendations of must-sees for a first time visit? We'll be there about 3 days

We were in Boston about 5 years ago – it is a GREAT city. Lots of history – I highly recommend a tour. We did the hop on/hop off bus tour and while not every guide is great, we had one guy who was amazing. He was so engaging and we learned a lot from him. Fenuil Hall is a beautiful historic market with food and shops. We also did a duck boat tour which brought you out into Boston Harbor. If you are a real history buff, you may want to look into a walking tour that goes more in-depth, but we had 2 young boys with us, so buses and boats worked better. We also took in a Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway, but unless they are in the playoffs, that may not be available. If you like baseball, Fenway does offer tours, you would need to look up the schedule. Also, we needed to find the "Cheers" bar where they shot the exterior scenes for the TV show. There are lots of online guides, you need to just figure out if you want more history sites, more touristy sites, or just food and shopping. Let me know if you have any more questions….

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