Clean Beaches Week

Posted by Ashlyn White @ashlynwhite, Jul 1, 2019

Happy Clean Beaches week, everyone!

Did you know that 4th of July is the biggest beach day in America? Americans across the country flock to their local lakes, rivers, and oceans to enjoy sun, surf, and time outdoors with friends and family.

4th of July beachgoers also leave behind a lot of trash. In fact, 4th of July is the most littered day of the year! Trash left on beaches contributes to the almost nine million tons of plastic that enter Earth’s oceans annually, resulting in the premature deaths of at least 100 million marine animals and seabirds each year.

This holiday weekend, let’s strive to “leave no trace” on the places we visit or even leave them cleaner than we found them. What tips do you have for a clean beach trip?

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