Current Parking situation

Posted by bsunderlinmsp @bsunderlinmsp, Oct 23, 2020

Hello, I am a new employee and started a couple of weeks ago, commuting down from the twin cities. I was given a list of available parking locations where people can park that have been opened due to COVID but they are always packed. I moved to the street but then got tagged because Rochester has even/odd parking restrictions starting in October even when there is no snow. So I looked on the HR site and saw notifications that lot 30 was opened and several commuter lot options have been closed or don’t have bus service so I moved to lot 30. Then yesterday I was tagged for parking in a non-eligible spot (even though my lot is the only one that seems open at most times of the day and DAHLC is closed so demand is low. With commuter busses from the cities shut down I feel very in a jamb. Can someone post a comprehensive list of currently available parking areas for commuters and the current state of park and rides, commuter lots. Are busses running? Do I need to pay for these busses? Need clarification on it all because pretty soon I’ll have to resort to parking in patient lots.

I also go to work from the city (Woodbury). I discovered Mayo employee parking lot (no fees) where you can take the shuttle. At the West parking lot, the shuttle buses most times stop at St Mary’s hospital.
Use this website to figure the location and schedules although the buses can come at any time.–mayo-clinic/4d63df422f16b60c9833e5f4

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