Furniture in Rochester?

Posted by Andreas Ebbehoj @andreasebbehoj, Jan 30, 2019

Hi everybody.
Just moved to Rochester with my girlfriend for a 6 months exchange at Mayo. We have an empty apartment and are looking for cheap/free furniture and kitchen-stuff as we would prefer not to invest too much in new stuff for such a short period. If anybody have some spare things you were going to throw out anyway, we would greatly appreciate it if we could have it.

Most stuff is of interest: dining chairs, dining table, tables, mirrors, sofas, commodes/dressers, plants, egg-cups, laundry basket, bedside tables, drying rack, flat iron, whatever.

Please write a comment or send a picture if you have anything – and the price or if it is free.

Thank you and all the best

I have this dresser for $50. It has 4 drawers. One large drawer, one medium, and two smaller ones. I live in Stewartville and it would need to be picked up from my home there. I would say it takes 2 people to comfortably carry.

I also have some pots and pans. I'll look for photos of those on my lunch break.


Hi, I have this floral sofa, it's convertible and turns to a bed. Will be willing sell this for 15$
I also have a nightstand, 2 mirrors and a "full" memory foam mattress.


Hi all. Thanks for the offers. And sorry for the slow response – for some reason notifications ended up in my spam filter. We found cheap and reasonable furniture in Salvation Army instead, but thanks for your time.
BW Andreas

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